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Taking back unused licenses in RLM


There are licenses checked out through RLM that are not being used. How can I return these licenses to RLM?


Open the RLM browser-based administration tool through http://localhost:5054/, where localhost represents the license server hostname and 5054 represents the web server port number. Click on the Status button and then the teclmd button under the License Usage heading. On the following page, click on the GET License Usage button. Locate the license(s) you wish to take back, click the Remove button, and click the YES button to confirm.

You can also take back the license(s) from the command line. To do this, you can use the following commands.

To search for licenses by product name, use the following command:

rlmutil rlmstat -p PRODUCT

where PRODUCT represents either 360, focus, or rs.

Or you can search for licenses by username using the following command:

rlmutil rlmstat -u USER

Here, USER represents the computer network username of the individual who checked out the license.

The terminal output should display the checked-out license(s) in the following form:

teclmd license usage status on SERVER (port 27101)
360 v12.9: USER@host 1/0 at 03/02 09:24 (handle: c5)

To take back a license, use the rlmutil rlmremove command followed by information identifying this license. For example, to take back the license whose information appears in the previous example, use the following command:

rlmutil rlmremove SERVER 27101 teclmd c5

Note: You may need to add a period followed by a forward slash (./) in front of these commands on Linux and Unix platforms if the RLM directory is not in a directory referenced in the $PATH environment variable.