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“Communication error” when opening my Tecplot product


I installed a Tecplot or FieldView product and the Reprise License Manager on a machine in my network but when I try to run the Tecplot or FieldView product on another machine in my network the error message Communications error with license server (-17) appears. How can I fix this to successfully run the product?


This is a general error message that means Tecplot or FieldView is not communicating with the Reprise license manager. The most common causes are:

  1. The Reprise license manager is not running. To fix this, please check the tecplotlm.lic or fieldview.lic file in your RLM folder to be sure that there is a key installed, and be sure that your license manager is running. The RLM web interface has handy tools for both of these:
    Start/Stop/Reread option – to start it up.
    Status – to check if it is running.
  2. The tecplotlm.lic or fieldview.lic file in your Tecplot folder was created incorrectly. Locate the .lic file within your product installation folder and open it in a plain text editor. Check that one line exists in the file without a # symbol prefacing it that contains the following (usually at the top of the file):
    HOST myserver 0 27100
    In this line, “myserver” represents your license manager’s hostname. The port number, 27100, should match the port number in the first line of the network key in the Reprise License Manager installation folder. The 0 functions as a placeholder, but it is required.
  3. The hostname was typed incorrectly in the Network License field of the Licensing dialog. Check that your hostname is correct and the machine is on the same network.

If the error still occurs, locate the .lic file in the Reprise License Manager installation folder and open it in a plain text editor. This file should contain the network key you received from us, which includes lines that start with HOST/SERVER, ISV/VENDOR, and LICENSE/FEATURE.

If you require further assistance, please contact Tecplot Technical Support or FieldView Technical Support.