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Which Graphics Cards are Best for FieldView?

FieldView has been designed to run well using any of a wide range of graphic configurations, and uses the standard OpenGL libraries. We have a good partnership with both Nvidia and AMD (formerly ATI), who both offer very good graphic cards. (Note that those from the Nvidia ‘Quadro’ line support FieldView Stereo display modes.)

Special optional settings can be made by the user to allow FieldView to run quite well even on systems with entry level or dated graphics configurations, but in most cases modestly priced system graphics options support FieldView without using optional settings.

Naturally, we recommend selections among the “professional” cards offered by graphics vendors for best performance, and the cards with the most memory will help ensure that large cases can be visualized without problems. We would also advise that you make as much memory available to the workstation. So, the main constraint will come from your available budget.