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What Values Can Be Changed in a Network License File?


What values can be changed in a Network License File?


Below is an example of a network license file header. If your license file does not have a header like this. It is not a Network License file. If you have questions about this, please contact support@tecplot.com or support@fieldviewcfd.com.

HOST myserver.com b1256aa8 27100
ISV teclmd teclmd teclmd.opt 27101

  • The hostname (myserver.com) shown in italics is allowed to be changed. The server itself cannot be changed but you can change the hostname of your server without having to have another license key reissued.
  • The port numbers shown in bold can also be changed to define which ports RLM uses.
  • The options file (teclmd.opt) can also be changed if you have a pre-defined options file for your server. In most cases, this should be unchanged.

After changing any of the above options, restart your RLM server for the changes to take effect.

Please note that attempts to change any other values of the license file will cause the file to become invalid. Single User licenses cannot be edited.