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Tecplot 10 is slower than Tecplot 9

Note: This software version is no longer supported. Download the latest release or get a free trial.


For zooming or translating my contour plot, Tecplot 10 is much slower than Tecplot 9.


The difference between Tecplot 10 and Tecplot 9 is that different contour levels are set. Notice what levels Tecplot 10 sets set the same levels in Tecplot 9 and see if that makes Tecplot 9 performance slower. If so the problem is with your data.

Create a plot with just mesh and scatter turned on. Set the scatter symbols to be filled with the contour color and zoom in to see the cells. Do you notice any cells where the cell has two colors but the adjacent corners of the cells are different colors?

When a cell has values for one contour level on 2 opposite corners and values for a different contour level on the other two corners these are called saddle cells usually caused by deviations or noise in your data. For each cell like this Tecplot has to perform extra calculations to draw the contours. When these extra calculations are repeated many times the drawing becomes very slow. The performance of this data would be greatly improved if you alter the data by smoothing the contour variable.