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Add-on cannot connect to server: IPC Error (26)3DX


I tried to View Data in Tecplot Chorus and Tecplot 360 produced this error message when it started up.  The rest of the message is:
“Add-on cannot connect to server. Cannot establish connection (connect
And Tecplot Chorus produced a similar message at the same time:
“IPC communication error: IPC Error (1)Error connecting to IPC client Timeout”
What does this message mean and how do I fix it?


This is a known problem when doing a “deep dive” on Linux.   Tecplot Chorus and the version of Tecplot 360 packaged with it can produce error messages like this on Linux if:
1)  The user or group does not have executable permissions on the Tecplot 360 bin directory (where the Tecplot 360 executable is).
2)  The IP address shown in the /etc/hosts files does not match what is shown by the “ifconfig” command.   To fix this, just edit the /etc/hosts file to match “ifconfig”.    Please ignore any IP addresses in the /etc/hosts file which start with “127” as these are usually loopback addresses.