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Tecplot 360 and Focus crash on MAC OS X Lion (10.7) when exporting an image

Note: With the release of Tecplot 360 EX the use of XQuartz will no longer be needed.  Tecplot 360 EX is now native to the Mac and thus does not need any use of a X Server client.  This should no longer be an issue. Download the latest release or get a free trial.


I tried to export an image when running Tecplot software (360 and Focus) on MAC OSX Lion, and Tecplot crashed. How can I prevent the crash?


This is caused by a bug in XQuartz 2.6, which comes with MAC OSX Lion. It happens with Tecplot 360 and Focus.

If you run the OSX Lion automatic updates, XQuartz will update to the latest edition of XQuartz 2.6, which does not contain the fix. In order to fix this you will need to update to XQuartz 2.7, which does contain the fix.

If you are unable to update to XQuartz 2.7 then you can prevent the crash by doing one of the following:

1) Run Tecplot in -mesa mode. You can do this at the command line by adding the ‘-mesa’ flag to the command you normally use to run Tecplot, or by selecting “Software OpenGL Emulation” within the Preferences dialog which should appear when you first run Tecplot on your MAC.
2) You can also run Tecplot and go to the Performance dialog (Options/Performance in Tecplot 360 and Focus) and under the “Rendering” tab set the Image Export Options to “Fast” instead of “Safe”.

Then you will be able to export your images, but then you can’t set the image size, so you would be limited to the size of the image on the screen.