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Applying Your Work to Another Dataset

How can I apply my work to another dataset?

When later selecting that restart with File.. Open Restart.. Complete… FieldView will reload your data, and completely restore the visualization using the same data.

After reading in a new case, you can use use File.. Open Restart.. Complete, No Data Read.. and select that Complete Restart (.dat) to recreate your visualization on the new data. Please note that FieldView saves a set of restart files (.dat, .vct, .iso, etc.) representing each component of your visualization, and that they can also be read individually. For instance, you can use File.. Open Restart.. View (World).. to restore only your View.

Another restart type “Current Dataset” can be used to copy a visualization from one dataset to another, as follows:

  • Read in two cases, appending the 2nd case so that two datasets are present.
  • Create a visualization on one Dataset, and use File.. Save Restart.. Current Dataset.. to save this visualization.
  • Change to the other Dataset, using + or -, next to the Dataset.. button on the main panel, or by double-clicking on any surface of this dataset.
  • Use File.. Open Restart.. Current Dataset.. to copy the visualization to this dataset.

Note that Restarts are “fuzzy”, and will restore as much of the visualization as possible, even if your data is significantly different than the one in use when the restarts were saved.