FieldView Client Unable to Find Saved Restarts

After moving to a different workstation, I can connect via client-server to the system where I was previously doing my post processing, but the FieldView Client is unable to find the restarts I saved while working on that system. How can I use those restarts? While working in client-server mode, the FieldView Client can only find restarts located on the client computer’s filesystem, and this may not be the same […]

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How to Read Tecplot into FieldView

How can I read Tecplot format data into FV? Binary Tecplot format files are among the data types which can be read using the GENERIC Unstructured..& Data Input option. If you have ASCII format Tecplot files, you can use Tecplot’s Preplot converter to make a binary file.

Overflow-2 Scalar Values Misplaced

My overflow-2 data doesn’t look correct in FieldView. All the scalar values seem misplaced. What could be wrong? There is a known issue with overflow brkset files in FieldView, where some brkset formats are not correctly recognized. Removing or hiding the brkset files will allow the data to be read and post-processed accurately.