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Getting Started Writing FVX Scripts

How can I get started with writing FVX scripts?

We recommend you start with the GuideFVX file (.fvx) which is created as part of your “complete restart”.  For any visualization you make, the File.. Save Restart.. Complete option will also create an FVX example, known as Guide FVX, which when run, will closely replicate your visualization, with minor limitations. Our installation also provides ./demo/aerospace_LDM.fvx which you can run and explore.

Then, you can find templates of how to use the FVX functions in the document FVX_Templates.pdf (PDF), found in the fvx_and_restarts directory of your FieldView installation.

If you are looking for details on a function, full FVX documentation is provided within FVReference_Manual.pdf, located in the help directory our our installation. This is accessible directly with the Help.. button on the main GUI.

Also, if you use the FieldView main panel option Tools.. FVX Utilities.. you’ll have access to actual FVX examples we provide as utilities, again residing the fvx_and_restarts directory.

Our Services Team is ready to help you with FVX development services if you don’t have the time or the expertise to write your own scripts. For more information, contact support@tecplot.com.