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Polar Contour plot


Is there any way to show my polar data as a polar contour plot in Tecplot 10?


Since Tecplot doesn’t have the built-in ability to have Polar contour plots each case may require its own special adjustments. But here are the general guidelines.

  1. Load the polar data into Tecplot in Polar line mode.
  2. The Tecplot default for Polar plots is to assign the first variable to Theta axis and the second variable to the Radius axis. If you need to change this go to the Mapping Style dialog (accessed from the sidebar). For the first map assign the variable for angles to the Theta variable and the appropriate variable to the Radius variable. Close the Mapping Style dialog.
  3. Set up your polar axis as you would like from Plot Axis. The QuickStart lessons on Polar plots will give you more details on this. Add text if needed.
  4. Create a new frame. You may want to link the frames by size and position.
  5. With the new frame on top go to the sidebar and click the arrow beside Sketch to change the plot type to 2D Cartesian. The polar data will be loaded in but it will not appear correctly.
  6. Go to Data/ Alter/ Transform Coordinates. Choose Polar to Rectangular. Set the Theta variable and Radius Variable to the appropriate. Be sure Create New Variables is selected. If your Theta variable is in degrees change the setting for Angle. Compute.

    Note: In Tecplot 360 EX Coordinate transformation must be done through the $!TRANSFORMCOORDINATES macro command.

  7. When it asks if you want to assign the new variables to the X and Y axes select Yes. Close the Transform Coordinates dialog.
  8. Return to the Data menu and choose Triangulate. Select the 1st zone and click the Compute button. Close the Triangulate dialog.
  9. Turn off Mesh and Boundary on the sidebar and turn on Contour. Select the correct variable for contours. Set up your contour plot as you want it.
  10. Go to Plot / Axis and toggle off Show X Axis and Show Y Axis.
  11. Go to the Frame menu and choose Push Current Frame Back. This will bring the polar axis frame to the top.
  12. Go to Frame Edit Current Frame and toggle off Show Background. Now you will see the contour plot under the polar axis plot. You can use smooth zoom (hold middle mouse button down while moving mouse up and down) to get the polar axis the right size to fit the contours and translate (sidebar button) to position it correctly.
  13. Save the layout.