Troubleshooting Linux Crashes

Problem: I get a crash running Tecplot 360 on my Linux operating system. Solution: Note: The 2020 R1 release of Tecplot 360 introduced a change in the way Tecplot is rendered in mesa. See the Troubleshooting chapter of the User’s Manual for more information (also at the bottom of this article). We’ve written up some instructions for responding to Linux crashes. Please check these questions: 1)  Double-check that your graphics […]

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Support for macOS Big Sur

Both Tecplot 360 and Focus 2020 R2 are supported on macOS Big Sur (11.0); however, the 2020 R1 releases for these products do not support Big Sur. If you’ve updated to Big Sur and need access to Tecplot products, please use Tecplot 360 or Focus 2020 R2 or newer. Downloads can be found on the MyTecplot portal. Updated 12/14/2020.

Using Data Skip to Approximate and Render a Large Dataset

Question: I am running out of memory rendering my fine-mesh data. How do I read-in a smaller, decimated version of my ordered dataset into my layout? More details: If you are working on a computer with limited resources, some processes can surpass the available computer memory. If you are unable to add more RAM, this can cause Tecplot to slow or, at worst, crash. Try this solution if some actions […]

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Tecplot 360 Will Not Open OneDrive Files

Problem: OneDrive has introduced a new capability called “Files On-Demand” which allows files to be downloaded on-demand. These files are not recognized by the Tecplot file dialog. If you are opening files from a OneDrive folder and receiving an error from the File Dialog, try one of the following workarounds. Solution: Upgrade to Tecplot 360 2017 R3 build 3.1 or later » Turn off Files On-Demand Right-click on the OneDrive […]

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360 EX Menu Freezes on Ubuntu

Problem: Tecplot 360 EX pull-down menu becomes unresponsive after minimizing on Ubuntu systems. Solution: This can happen because of Ubuntu’s new Unity UI.  You may be able to solve this issue by reverting to an older UI.  You can do this by using one of the methods below: For Ubuntu 17+ the workaround is to remove and from the bin/sys directory. For earlier versions of Ubuntu: On the login screen, […]

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Failed to create OpenGL context

Problem: I saw this message after installing Tecplot on a 64 bit Linux Red Hat machine. How do I fix it? Solution: This message means that the computer does not support OpenGL. Please be sure your computers graphics card supports OpenGL and that you have the latest driver before you attempt to run Tecplot. If your computer does not support OpenGL to run Tecplot you can add the -mesa flag […]

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