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Assigning different colors to zones


Tecplot 360 2006 Tecplot Focus 2006 and earlier versions of Tecplot products assigned different colors to zones whereas Tecplot 360 2008 Tecplot Focus 2008 and later products assign black to all zones by default. Is there a way to change this default to make the Tecplot 360 and Tecplot Focus 2008 versions behave like the 2006 and earlier versions?


Yes. Please check your tecplot.cfg file in your Tecplot installation folder. If you do not find the following line in that file:

$!FrameSetup AssignSequencedZoneColors = TRUE

Please add it to the end of the file. If this line is already there remove the # from the beginning of the line. Then save and close the file and the next time you run your Tecplot product and load data you will see that the Tecplot product has assigned different colors to different zones.