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Multi-Threading and Parallel Processing

This article will list the different portions of Tecplot 360 that use Multi-Threading and Parallel Processing. Each portion of what is used can be found in the table below:

What How
CFDA Integration is performed concurrently.
Geometry boundary generation is performed concurrently.
The following calculated variables are calculated concurrently:
Cross Flow Velocity, Density, Dynamic Pressure, Enthalpy, Entropy, Entropy Measure S1, Equivalent Potential Velocity Ratio, Internal Energy, Kinetic Energy, Mach Number, Pitot Pressure, Pitot Pressure Ratio, Pressure Coefficient, Pressure, Speed of Sound, Stagnation Density, Stagnation Energy, Stagnation Energy per Unit Volume, Stagnation Enthalpy, Stagnation Pressure Coefficient, Stagnation Pressure, Stagnation Temperature, Temperature, U Velocity, V Velocity, Velocity Magnitude, W Velocity, X Momentum, Y Momentum, Z Momentum
COBs in general Overall the generation of FE-boundaries, slices, isosurfaces, and streamtraces are all done on separate threads.
Crease cache Built concurrently.
Data Alter Threads used to divide and conquer sub ranges of indices for a single equation. Equations are done one at a time.
Face Neighbor generation Face neighbor generation is performed concurrently.
Face normal cache Built concurrently.
Fourier Transforms Performed concurrently.
Interpolation Performed concurrently.
License manager Communication with license manager while Tecplot is running.
Loading variables Performed concurrently however most I/O controllers will cause this to look single threaded unless the OS has cached the file.
Max Vector Length Threads used to divide and conquer sub ranges of points.
Min/Max calculations Threads used to divide and conquer sub ranges of values.
Node to element map Resource used by face neighbor generation is performed in 2 threads.
Picking/Probing Threads used to divide and conquer sub ranges of cells or points.
Slices/Isosurfaces Zones are sliced with separate threads then subzones within zones are given separate threads.
Sorting (various places) Parallel QSort algorithm used to divide and conquer. Rendering of translucent surfaces is one example.
Streamtraces Each streamtrace is built on a separate thread.
Subzone optimization Generation of subzone optimization is performed concurrently for 3D plots.
Temp File Cleanup Separate threads issue system commands to delete files.