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Animation Export Size and Format Limitations


Windows Media Player (WMP) and PowerPoint cannot handle large .mp4 export files (image widths greater than 3000 pixels).

Details: MP4 video animation export in Tecplot 360 (as of 2018.2.1) will display properly on Linux (using VLC), MacOS (QuickTime Player), and Windows (Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, and Web Viewer) with one exception: Windows Media Player and PowerPoint cannot handle MP4 image widths greater than 3000 pixels.



Exporting large WMV files (width > 3000 pixels) may be the best solution for you. WMV files play beautifully on WMP. Additionally, WMVs can be generated on Mac OS X computers, but Macs do not natively support WMV files. See this link for workarounds to play WMV files on a Mac.


Note: Creating a large AVI file is an option but not recommended. These file sizes are typically much larger than MP4 and WMP exports, and may still need to be converted once placed in PowerPoint for instance.

More information can be found on the various video/animation export formats Tecplot 360 supports in the User’s Manual. See 29 – 4 Animation Export.