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Use of $!BASICSIZE to customize the size selections in Tecplot 360


The default sizes and line thicknesses are too varied and some are too large. Is there a way to customize the size selections?


Using $!BASICSIZE from the configuration file, users can customize the default sizes in the user interface.

For example, these commands will update the Line Thickness options and the Symbol Sizes:

MEDIUM = 0.2
LARGE = 0.3
HUGE = 0.4
MEDIUM = 1.5
LARGE = 2.0
HUGE = 3.0

The commands will change the basic sizes from this:



To this:


The above example can also be found commented out in the default configuration file of versions 2018 R2 and newer. Simply open the configuration file in a text editor, search for $!BASICSIZE, and remove the comment symbols (#).

Refer to the Tecplot Scripting Guide for more information on the $!BASICSIZE command.