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Converting Raster Metafiles to AVI File Format

How do I convert raster metafiles to AVI movie file format?

The last version of Tecplot 360 that included the rmtoavi.exe was Tecplot 360 2013. Additionally, framer.exe (Framer, the program used to view .rm files) is no longer distributed. As raster metafiles (.rm) have become less common, we no longer include this .rm file conversion in our product. However, we foresee rmtoavi being helpful to users with archives of .rm files, so we have included it in this article.

We have a Windows executable and the source code you can use to convert .rm files to .avi files. The source code is available upon request from Tecplot Support, and the executable can be found here:

[Download rmtoavi.exe]

  • You can create an AVI file by dragging and dropping a raster metafile onto the downloaded rmtoavi.exe. The .avi file should reside in the same location as the original .rm file. In this method, the files have the same name (except for the extension):

  • Additionally, rmtoavi.exe can be run from the Windows command line and any file name can be given to the .avi file as follows: