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Off-screen Export Failed & Export Memory Problems


I receive the following error when exporting an image or video.

“The off-screen image export failed. This may be caused by remote display issues with OpenGL…”


Like the error message says, remote displays may cause issues with OpenGL. However, this error message can also appear whenever there are off-screen export failures downstream at the graphics card level.

The graphics card usually rejects the off-screen export if the image/video is larger than the graphics card can support. This is easier to run into using anti-aliasing/super sampling which multiples the image size before shrinking it back down for quality.

The exact resolution at which the graphics card fails is dependent on the memory resources of your graphics card. There are even some graphics cards that do not report errors and produce bad images.

If you receive this error on a local machine, try reducing the anti-aliasing factor and/or export width. Since anti-aliasing is a multiplier of the image size, reducing the anti-aliasing factor will have the greatest affect on reducing the image size sent to the graphics card. If you still receive this error, please contact support@tecplot.com.