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Fix Contour Labels Location


When exporting a picture, the location of the contour labels changes:

On-screen VS image export of a plot using contour labels

Left: the on-screen plot, Right: the resulting image export


By default the image is rendered off-screen and implies a re-draw of the plot. There are two possible solutions:


    1) Prevent the re-positioning of the labels when a redraw occurs:

In the Contour Details dialog, in the Labels tab, toggle Generate automatic labels (with each withdraw) off.

The Contours Labels dialog

Deactivating the automatic generation of labels at each redraw.


    2) Prevent the redrawing by using the on-screen plot when exporting an image:

In the Options>Performance menu, on the Rendering tab, set the Image Export Options to Fast (use on-screen image).

The Performance menu

Setting the image export to match the on-screen plot.