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Greek or special character in variable name or text

November 2017 Update:

LaTeX Fonts are available in Tecplot 360 2017 Release 3 and later. This gives you the ability to use your installed version of LaTeX to display complex formulae and equations directly on your plots. We test against MiKTeX and TeXLive but should be compatible with other LaTeX engines.
Watch the LaTeX video tutorial


Some variable names in my data file include one Greek character or another character such as a subscript. I added the backquote (`) in front of the character in my data files. In Tecplot 9 if one of those variables was assigned to an axis the axis title correctly showed the Greek character with the other characters. If it was used as the contour variable it appeared correctly in the contour legend. But in Tecplot 10 the notation doesn’t work.


Tecplot 10 notation for special characters has changed.   In Tecplot 10 a group of characters can be designated as a special character set by adding a modifier before and after the group. For example to add text showing B to the (2x + 3) power type:
Here is a list of modifiers you can use:
Subscript:  <sub>    </sub>
Superscript:   <sup>   </sup>
Bold:   <b>   </b>
Italic:  <i>   </i>
Math:   <math>   </math>
Greek:  <greek>   </greek>
Helvetica:  <helvetica>   </helvetica>
Times:      <times>   </times>
Courier:   <courier>   </courier>
Userdef:      <userdef>     </userdef>
Verbatim:    <verbatim>    </verbatim>
If this doesn’t work well for you you can add the following command to your tecplot.cfg file.
If FALSE this setting allows Tecplot to display text special characters created with older Tecplot versions without automatically converting the text to the new formatting.  In Tecplot 9 a single character could be changed by adding the following identifiers in front of that character. The identifier only applies to the character immediately following.
` (back quote) Greek
~ (tilde) math
@ (at symbol) User-defined
_ (underscore) subscript
^ (caret) superscript