“Communication error” when opening my Tecplot product

Problem: I installed a Tecplot product and the Reprise License Manager on a machine in my network but when I try to run the Tecplot product on another machine in my network the error message Communications error with license server (-17) appears.  How can I fix this to successfully run the Tecplot product? Solution: This is a general error message that means Tecplot is not communicating with the Reprise license […]

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Taking back unused licenses in RLM

Problem: There are licenses checked out through RLM that are not being used. How can I return these licenses to RLM? Solution: Open the RLM browser-based administration tool through http://localhost:5054/, where localhost represents the license server hostname and 5054 represents the web server port number. Click on the Status button and then the teclmd button under the License Usage heading. On the following page, click on the GET License Usage […]

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RLM cannot bind Web Server port 5054, exiting

Problem: The Reprise License Manager will not start and my debug.log file includes a “Cannot bind Web Server port 5054, exiting” error. What happened and how can I fix it? Solution: If you start the Reprise License Manager (RLM) without a license key in the RLM installation directory and then try to shut down RLM, it will not shut down. If you try to start RLM again, you will encounter […]

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Cannot connect to RLM from a different computer (open ports)

Problem: The Tecplot product can check out a license when running on the same computer as Reprise License Manager (RLM), but not from other computers on the network.  How can I open the license manager to other computers? Solution: Certain ports are required to be opened in order to connect and check out a license from RLM.  Here are the default port settings: RLM port: 27100 ISV (Tecplot-specific) port: 27101 Web server port: 5054 […]

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Reprise License Manager (RLM) Utilities

Problem: What sort of license manager utilities does RLM have? How can I easily control RLM on my network? Solution: On all platforms RLM includes two methods for controlling a network or site license. RLM includes a web server through which you can administer your license server from any platform in your network (on Mac/Linux you need to open the web servers port in order to access it from any […]

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Reprise License Manager rlmremove utility and how to use it

Problem: How can I remove a specific license from being borrowed? Solution: You can use the rlmremove utility from the command line on your RLM host machine to release a hung license back to the servers pool of free licenses (see pages 16-17 of the RLM Users Manual rlm_install.pdf). That is with this command you can stop a checked-out license from being used. This is useful if you wish to […]

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Can I run the eval as a network license?

Problem: I have been running the Tecplot eval. Now I have purchased a Tecplot network license. Do I have to reinstall? Solution: No, you will not need to reinstall. However, you will need to install the Reprise License Manager in order to start connecting to your network license.