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How to uninstall a Tecplot product on a Macintosh platform


I have a Tecplot product installed on my Macintosh machine and I need to uninstall it. What is the best way to go about this?


On Macintosh platforms, two folders in addition to the Tecplot product installation folder are affected by installing a Tecplot product with the .pkg installer (included in the .dmg file):
– /Library/Receipts/ (a record of the .pkg installation goes in here)
– $HOME/Library/Preferences/ (the launcher stores the users last selection of Mesa/Non-Mesa in here)

If you want to completely remove any trace of the .pkg installation of the Tecplot product from your machine, use the following terminal commands:

sudo /bin/rm -rf /Applications/Tec360_2009

sudo /bin/rm -rf /Library/Receipts/Tec360_2009.pkg

defaults delete com.tecplot.Tecplot

If you want to remove any trace of a command-line installation of Tecplot versions later than 2013, delete the installation directory.