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How to use RLM Failover Keys

To install RLM Failover keys on Tecplot or FieldView products, follow the steps below. The names of the license files differ between the products but the steps are the same.

Setting up RLM Primary/Failover Servers

  • Place the following file in the primary server’s RLM installation directory: tecplotlm.lic OR fieldview.lic
  • Place the following files in the failover server’s RLM installation directory: tecplotlm.lic and tecplotlm_failover.lic OR fieldview.lic and fieldview_failover.lic
  • Restart each RLM.

Accessing the failover server

There are two main ways of accessing the failover server. The recommended method is to create an environment variable:

teclmd_LICENSE=port@primary;port@secondary (For example: 27100@service5;27100@service6)

As an alternative to the environment variable, users can enter the server name and port number of the primary server in the Licensing dialog. If the primary goes down, users need to change that information to the failover server name and port. This method is not as automatic like the environment variable.

After the initial setup of the failover server, you do not need to update failover.lic again (unless you change the primary or failover servers). When new keys are issued for the primary server, the .lic will need to be overwritten on both RLM servers.