Can I run the eval as a network license?

Problem: I have been running the Tecplot eval. Now I have purchased a Tecplot network license. Do I have to reinstall? Solution: No, you will not need to reinstall. However, you will need to install the Reprise License Manager in order to start connecting to your network license.

Cannot connect to RLM from a different computer (open ports)

Problem: The Tecplot product can check out a license when running on the same computer as Reprise License Manager (RLM), but not from other computers on the network.  How can I open the license manager to other computers? Solution: Certain ports are required to be opened in order to connect and check out a license from RLM.  Here are the default port settings: RLM port: 27100 ISV (Tecplot-specific) port: 27101 Web server port: 5054 […]

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