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Automatic Connection to a License Server When Starting Tecplot 360


I want Tecplot 360 to automatically connect to a license server upon startup in the GUI or in batch mode.



Tecplot 360 offers two methods to automatically connect to a license server: creating an environment variable or updating a license file. Automatically connecting to a license server is especially important with headless machines. See more details on these two methods in the sections below.


Method 1 (Recommended):

Create an environment variable teclmd_LICENSE and set it to:


This can be set as a user or system-wide environment variable. A system-wide environment variable allows admins to enable automatic connection for all users on a single machine. In addition, the hostname can be interchanged with the license server IP address.

To set the environment variable on Linux, you can use the ‘export’ command. For example (note that the default Tecplot 360 port number is 27100):

> export teclmd_LICENSE=”27100@license_server”

On Windows, you can access and edit your environment variables by typing “environment variable” in the Start Menu search bar.


Method 2:

Navigate to the license file (*.lic) in the Tecplot 360 installation directory (for example, on Windows, C:\Program Files\Tecplot\Tecplot 360 EX 2022 R1\tecplotlm.lic) and add a line similar to the following line:

HOST <license_server_name> 0 27100

RLM parses the HOST line by looking for 3 parameters, hostname, hostid, and port, but for the case of connecting to a license server, it ignores the hostid field. In this example, it takes the 0 and ignores it.