Calculating Mass-Weighted Average

How do I calculate the mass-weighted average of a scalar through a surface? Mass weighted average can be obtained from the combined use of the function editor and two separate integrations. The mass weighted average is usually defined as: Thus, it can be computed by dividing the summation of the value of the selected variable multiplied by the absolute value of the dot product of the facet area and momentum […]

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Visualizing Turbulent Flow Features Using Surfaces

How can I visualize turbulence and flow features using surfaces? The Q criterion, introduced by Hunt et al. in 1988, is commonly used to identify regions of recirculation in flow fields. As of FieldView version 17, Q-criterion is a built-in function available on the Function Calculator, increasing peformance as compared to using this function via feature_detection_formulas.frm available with previous versions of FieldView.

Using the Plot3D Reader

I’ve used the PLOT3D reader in a FieldView version prior to 12.3 to read my overflow-2 data. Are restarts created in that version compatible with version 12.3? Yes, but don’t try editing FVX scripts (.fvx) or data restarts (.dat) to change the data reader name from plot3d to overflow-2 and expect it to work properly, since some derived function names have been changed, (eg. ‘Pressure [PLOT3D]’ vs. ‘Pressure [OVERFLOW]’). Constants […]

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