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Using layout files from Tecplot 360 2011 and before to load PLOT3D data.

Note: This software version is no longer supported. Download the latest release or get a free trial.

Unable to load PLOT3D data with layout file created from Tecplot 360 2011R2 and before with Tecplot 2012 and later.


From Tecplot 360 2011R2 on the format for loading PLOT3D data has changed.  Currently we no longer load solution and function files as one but instead as separate files.  In order to load PLOT3D data sets from 2011 and before you will load the data file in to the solution file section of the loader.  When exporting data from PLOT3D you should now be able to export data in the appropriate solution file or function file which you can load in the respected loading sections.
If you are using layout files that involved loading solution files for PLOT3D previous to Tecplot 360 2011R2 you will now need to explicitly define the function files and solution files.  The call for function files is as follows “FILELIST_FUNCTIONFILES” and for solution files the call will be “FILELIST_SOLUTIONFILES.”
Solution File
$!VarSet |LFDSRN3| = ‘PLOT3D Loader’
$!VarSet |LFDSFN3| = ‘”STANDARDSYNTAX” “1.0” “APPEND” “No” “FILELIST_GRIDFILES” “1” “x.example” “FILELIST_SOLUTIONFILES” “1” “q.example”
Function File
$!VarSet |LFDSRN3| = ‘PLOT3D Loader’
$!VarSet |LFDSFN3| = ‘”STANDARDSYNTAX” “1.0” “APPEND” “Yes” “FILELIST_GRIDFILES” “1” “example.grd” “FILELIST_FUNCTIONFILES” “1” “example.fun”