Time Strands and the Zone Style dialog

When working with transient datasets, Tecplot implements “Time Strands”. Time Strands are assigned to a group of zones which represent the same object. For simple transient datasets, sometimes only one Time Strand is used. Whereas more complex datasets will implement multiple Time Strands. For example, if you are plotting a jet, typically there will be one Time Strand per wing, one for the fuselage, and one for the tail. Time […]

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AVI files saved on Mac OS X 10.8.2 do not play in QuickTime.

Problem: AVI files saved on Mac OS X 10.8.2 do not play in QuickTime. Solution: When saving an AVI file on a Mac the produced file will prove incompatible with QuickTime X.  It has been found that QuickTime X does not support many codecs that previous versions used too.  Thus the solution is to use another player. AVI files have been found to work properly on Mac OS X 10.6.8.  […]

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Tecplot 360, Focus, and RS crash on MAC OS X Lion (10.7) when exporting an image

Note: With the release of Tecplot 360 EX the use of XQuartz will no longer be needed.  Tecplot 360 EX is now native to the Mac and thus does not need any use of a X Server client.  This should no longer be an issue. Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: I tried to export an image when running Tecplot software (360, Focus, or RS) on MAC OSX Lion, […]

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Animating points

Problem: I have some files with some scatter points animated to move in constant velocity. However, the movie shows relative motion of the scatter points making the animation appear jerky. Solution: The reason the scatter points look like they are moving relative to one another has to do with the way they are drawn on the screen. Any object drawn to the screen will be rounded off to the nearest […]

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AVI animations on Linux or Macintosh platforms

Problem: I have difficulty playing AVI animations created in my Tecplot product when I try to play them on my Macintosh or Linux platform. When I try to play them on my Linux platform the AVI files work with Xanim but Xanim itself does not work very well anymore. On a Macintosh platform, I use Quicktime but the AVI files that the Tecplot product creates do not open in Quicktime. […]

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AVI animation files are too large

Problem: I can create AVI files in my Tecplot product with the compression set to Lossless Uncompressed to play on a Linux or Macintosh platform but these files are very large. Is there a way to make them smaller but still able to play on these platforms? Solution: Yes. You can encode the uncompressed AVI files to MPEG4 which reduces the size to a fraction of the uncompressed size while […]

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Animation is incomplete

Problem: I am creating an animation file with a macro but not all changes that I make to my plot appear in the animation. Solution: There are two possible solutions: For each plot change that should appear in your animation enter a $!RedrawAll command then an $!Export command. If you use any $!Drawgraphics commands be sure $!Drawgraphics = Yes is placed before the $!RedrawAll command.