Understanding and Automating Viewer Position Angles

Problem: How do I change the viewing angles Psi, Alpha, and Theta from the viewer’s perspective? Also, please help me understand how these angles are defined. Solution: Below is a diagram from the 360 User’s Manual describing how Tecplot defines Psi (Ψ), Theta (θ), and Alpha (α). The following exercise uses PyTecplot to change each of the three angles by 5 degrees and manifests the result after each step. 1)  […]

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Display Solution Time on Plot

Problem: I want to display the solution time on my plot.   Solution: Use dynamic text to refer to Tecplot’s SOLUTIONTIME variable. Navigate to the Insert>Text menu and click on the plot to open the Text Details dialog. Refer to the SOLUTIONTIME variable using the following syntax: &(SOLUTIONTIME) Please see the User’s Manual for a list of available options regarding dynamic text formatting. For example, to format the solution time […]

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Offsetting an Axis in 3D Cartesian Mode

Problem: I am displaying one axis in my 3D plot, but my data interferes with it (see Figure 1). How do I offset my axis away from my plot? Solution: Change the minimum value of the vertical axis range in that view. In the case of Figure 1, the Z axis range minimum needs to be decreased. For this example, 1) Go to Plot>Axis… and select the Z axis and […]

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Changing a Contour Legend Variable Name

Question: How do I change the contour legend header text? See Figure 1. Solution: Tecplot 360 2021 R2 and newer: Renaming the legend text header from a contour variable to custom text can be done easily via the Contour & Multi-Coloring Details dialog. 1) In Tecplot 360, go to Plot>Contour/Multi-Coloring… 2) Select the Legend tab and see the Header options at the bottom (see Figure 2). 3) Switch the Header […]

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Time Strands and the Zone Style dialog

When working with transient datasets, Tecplot implements “Time Strands”. Time Strands are assigned to a group of zones which represent the same object. For simple transient datasets, sometimes only one Time Strand is used. Whereas more complex datasets will implement multiple Time Strands. For example, if you are plotting a jet, typically there will be one Time Strand per wing, one for the fuselage, and one for the tail. Time […]

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Using layout files from Tecplot 360 2011 and before to load PLOT3D data.

Note: This software version is no longer supported. Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: Unable to load PLOT3D data with layout file created from Tecplot 360 2011R2 and before with Tecplot 2012 and later. Solution: From Tecplot 360 2011R2 on the format for loading PLOT3D data has changed.  Currently we no longer load solution and function files as one but instead as separate files.  In order to load […]

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Can a layout file created in Tecplot 10 be loaded to Focus?

Problem: Can Focus load a layout file created with Tecplot 10? Solution: Yes. In most cases, Focus will load a layout file created with Tecplot 10. If the data the layout file was created from was loaded via the Fluent loader or Plot3D loader or CGNS loader then Focus will not be able to load the layout because those loaders do not exist in Focus.