Calculating the Volume of an Iso-Surface

Question: How do I calculate the volume of a completely enclosed iso-surface? Solution: The volume of an iso-surface (no holes in it) may be calculated using 360’s data calculation, alteration and integration features by following these steps: A)   First, create a zone from your iso-surface: Display the iso-surface of choice by going to the side panel and clicking the Iso-Surfaces Details… button. Activate only one iso-surface group and ensure that […]

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Calculating Grid K Normal Nodal Values

Question: The symmetry of nodal Grid K Unit Normal values differ from the comparable cell-centered values (see Figure 1). How are nodal Grid K Unit Normal values calculated?1 Explaining the Question: In Figure 1, at nodes 1, 6, 11, 16, and 21 the X Grid K Unit Normal vectors are equal. However, on the data row below it (nodes 2, 7, 12, 17, and 22), the components of the X […]

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Verifying Surface Normals in Integral Calculations

Problem: How do I verify the direction of my unit surface normal vectors to make the correct integrations? If my surface normals point in an inconsistent direction from one timestep to another, how do I correct the value of my integral? From the User’s Manual: “Integrations involving surface unit normals, such as Mass Flow Rate, and Forces and Moments integration, rely on surface unit normals pointing in a consistent direction. […]

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Calculating Average Normal Velocity to Iso-Surface

Problem: How do I calculate the average normal fluid velocity (or any vector variable) going through an iso-surface? Details: Or stated another way, “I am trying to use a vector dot product with unit normal integration to get the average normal velocity through an extracted iso-surface.”  This question originally relates to this scenario, but it can be used for calculating the average flux though a surface for various cases. Solution: […]

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Calculate and display normal vectors

Problem: How can I calculate and display vectors normal to a surface? Solution: Load your dataset and then perform the following steps to calculate normal vectors in Tecplot 360 (not available in Tecplot Focus): Click on the Analyze menu and select Calculate Variables Select Grid K Unit Normal (vector) Set the New Var Location to Cell Center or Node, depending on the desired vector location with respect to the grid. […]

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Skip vectors or scatter points

Problem: My data is very dense. I want to show vectors or scatter but not at every point. Solution: On the Zone Style dialog, go to the Points tab. One of the options is Index skip and this setting will apply to both scatter points and vectors.