Use of $!BASICSIZE to customize the size selections in Tecplot 360

Problem: The default sizes and line thicknesses are too varied and some are too large. Is there a way to customize the size selections? Solution: Using $!BASICSIZE from the configuration file, users can customize the default sizes in the user interface. For example, these commands will update the Line Thickness options and the Symbol Sizes: $!BASICSIZE LINETHICKNESSES { MEDIUM = 0.2 LARGE = 0.3 HUGE = 0.4 } SYMBOLSIZES { […]

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Options File commands

Problem: What sort of commands can I put in the Options file for the Reprise License Manager (RLM)? What functionality does it have? Solution: Here are some of the commands you can use in the ISV Options file (tecplot.opt) to control access to Tecplot 360/Focus with some examples mixed in (360 = Tecplot 360). Reserving licenses: RESERVE 1 360 USER robert RESERVE 1 360 HOST mainline The first line reserves […]

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Alt key does not work on Mac

Problem: The keyboard functions that require the Alt key do not work on Mac Solution: This is because Apple’s X11 X server does not treat the Command or the Option key as an Alt key (despite the fact that the Option key also says alt on it). The workaround is to add the following command to file /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc: xmodmap -e keycode 63 = Alt_L This will make the Command key […]

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Cannot find font input file

Problem: I tried to run Tecplot and got this error message when Tecplot tried to start up. What does it mean? Solution: This error message means that the environment variable that holds the path down to the Tecplot installation directory is not set correctly. That name of that variable depends on the product you are installing. For our latest products (2008 series) that variable will be called TEC_FOCUS_2008 or TEC_360_2008. […]

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Add HotKeys

Note: In Tecplot 360 EX hotkeys can be viewed using the “Alt” key. Problem: Is there any way to add hotkeys to certain menu items so that I can bring them up without using the mouse? Solution: Add the following to /app-defaults/Tecplot: Tecplot*main_filenew_mbopt.accelerator: N This will work but the menu itself will not show the N character.