Invalid Connectivity Error Message when Slicing

Problem: I receive the following error when trying to create slices in my data: “Invalid Connectivity found when slicing cell ### from source zone #…” Solution: With the new option of Polygonal Slice mesh, which is meant to preserve the original mesh structure, invalid meshes create a bad cell in a slice. This is why the error is appearing. In many cases, the slices can be generated when switching to […]

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Add-on cannot connect to server: IPC Error (26)3DX

Problem: I tried to View Data in Tecplot Chorus and Tecplot 360 produced this error message when it started up.  The rest of the message is: “Add-on cannot connect to server. Cannot establish connection (connect failed)” And Tecplot Chorus produced a similar message at the same time: “IPC communication error: IPC Error (1)Error connecting to IPC client Timeout” What does this message mean and how do I fix it? Solution: […]

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Add-on cannot be loaded.

Problem: I wrote an add-on that runs fine on my machine. But when a co-worker tries to load it on his PC he get the message: Add-on xxx.dll cannot be loaded. (126): The specified module could not be found. Solution: 1. Make sure that the add-on is compiled as a release build. 2. Verify that the add-on dll is located in a directory which is in the current path. 3. […]

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Animation is incomplete

Problem: I am creating an animation file with a macro but not all changes that I make to my plot appear in the animation. Solution: There are two possible solutions: For each plot change that should appear in your animation enter a $!RedrawAll command then an $!Export command. If you use any $!Drawgraphics commands be sure $!Drawgraphics = Yes is placed before the $!RedrawAll command.