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Partial Border Display on Exported Images (Tecplot 360)


On some systems, you may see a partial (right side and bottom) black border around an image exported from Tecplot 360, even when borders are turned off for the frame. This is caused by an off-by-one issue with some combinations of platforms and graphics drivers.


If your system is affected by this issue, you can address it by adding the following lines to your tecplot.cfg file. You may find your tecplot.cfg file in your main installation folder of Tecplot. The following lines should be — on one line each — in your final tecplot.cfg file (the lines should not wrap around).

$!Interface OpenGLConfig {ScreenRendering {AdjustRectangleRightAndBottom = yes}}
$!Interface OpenGLConfig {ImageRendering {AdjustRectangleRightAndBottom = yes}}

If borders still remain after the above is implemented, or the border appears on the top or left, you can use the following macro script implemented in your choice of two different methods to remove all borders:

#!MC 1410
$!Interface ScrBackgroundColor = White    #(or a custom color to match your background)

A) Create a macro file to choose when and what color to change the background color for the removal of borders.

  1. Open a text editor and input the above lines. Then save your script as “your_macro_name.mcr”.
  2. Within Tecplot 360, navigate to Scripting>Play Macro/Script.
  3. Find your macro file and select Open.

B) Edit the tecplot.cfg file so the script is automatically applied upon opening Tecplot 360.

  1. Locate the tecplot.cfg file in the Tecplot installation folder and open with a text editor.
  2. Scroll to the botton of the file and input only the 2nd line of the above script.
  3. Save the tecplot.cfg file.
  4. Re-open Tecplot 360.