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Precise Probe to Create Time Series Plot


How do I Probe to Create Time Series Plot at a given set of coordinates?


Use Tecplot’s macro language to precisely define the point to probe.

The commands are as follow:

  • Prompt for the (X, Y, Z) coordinates of the point to probe:
  INSTRUCTIONS = "Enter X position of the probe."

Or define them directly in the macro:

$!VARSET |xPosition|= 0.1
  • Pass these coordinates to the Probe to Create Time Series Plot macro command:
  COMMAND = 'Command = CreatePlot StrandID = 1 XPos = |xPosition| YPos = |yPosition| ZPos = |zPosition|'

You may need to change the StrandID argument from the command above, depending on your dataset.


Download PreciseProbeOverTime.mcr from our handyscripts GitHub page.

Tip: For faster access, consider placing the macro in your Quick Macro Panel.