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How to Show Invisible Frame Borders


I have multiple frames on the paper and I don’t want frame borders in my export.
So I’ve turned off the option Show border in the dialog Frame>Edit Active Frame.
At the same time I’d like to see an outline for all invisible frame borders to get a better idea how these frames are positioned and overlap on the page in the 360 EX session.
This outline should not be exported or printed.


Tecplot 360 EX is able to draw dashed lines as an outline around these frames.

There are two ways to accomplish this:

1) In order to have invisible frame borders turned on right from the start of 360 EX insert this macro statement into the tecplot.cfg file:
2) If you would like to be able to turn invisible frame borders on and off as you please insert these macro functions into your tecplot.mcr file:
$!MACROFUNCTION NAME = "* Show Invisible Frame Borders ON"

$!MACROFUNCTION NAME = "* Show Invisible Frame Borders OFF"

These macro functions are accessible through the Quick Macro Panel (Scripting>Quick Macros).
The latter macro function allows to turn off invisible frame borders even if the statement is included in the tecplot.cfg file.