Add streamtraces by IJK

Problem: Interactively I can specify streamtrace start positions by giving the IJK location within a zone. How do I do this in a macro? Solution: It is possible to define a streamtrace starting position using IJK coordinates in a macro if you use the $!GETFIELDVALUE command to get the XYZ coordinates for a IJK location. Heres some example macro code: ## These variables define the IJK starting position: $!VARSET |Istart| […]

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Buttons are sticking

Note:  This should no longer be an issue for Mac.  Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: Some Tecplot buttons are sticking (not working). Sometimes the buttons on the toolbar appear to be selected but don’t do any action. Solution: This is a current limitation. Click a different button then click again on the desired button.

Binary file version

Problem: When I try to load a file into Tecplot 9 I get this message: Binary file version newer than Tecplot version. Upgrade Tecplot or use an older preplot to produce the data. Solution: The binary file format has been changed with Tecplot 10. If you save a binary file from Tecplot 10 or create a binary file using the current TECIO then try to load the file in Tecplot […]

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Add HotKeys

Note: In Tecplot 360 EX hotkeys can be viewed using the “Alt” key. Problem: Is there any way to add hotkeys to certain menu items so that I can bring them up without using the mouse? Solution: Add the following to /app-defaults/Tecplot: Tecplot*main_filenew_mbopt.accelerator: N This will work but the menu itself will not show the N character.

2D Probe calculation

Problem: What process does Tecplot use for probing? Also for streamtrace placement contour labeling linear interpolation and polyline extraction in 2D. Solution: In two dimensions Tecplot interpolates for dataset values at the chosen point using bilinear interpolation. For triangular cells, this is a straightforward interpolation of the three nodal values of the triangle that encloses the point:1. Determine the triangle that encloses the chosen point. 2. Determine the weighting to […]

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