Restricting Streamlines to a Surface

How can streamlines be restricted to a surface? You can seed the target surface, and integrate streamlines for a new (modified) velocity field you have created using the Function Formula Specification Panel. For instance, if you have a plane (flat surface), let N=(N1,N2,N3) be the (constant) normal to the surface: N = nrmlz (N1*UnitX + N2*UnitY + N3*UnitZ) where “nrmlz” makes sure this is a unit normal (length 1). Let […]

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Tecplot 360 does not finish opening on Mac OS X10.5.7, OS X 10.8.2, after security updates are applied

Note:  With the release of Tecplot 360 EX for Mac the use of an X server is not needed.  Tecplot is now native to the Mac so this is no longer an issue with Tecplot 360 EX. Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: When opening Tecplot 360, the initial Tecplot window appears, however, Tecplot appears to “hang/freeze” on a grey screen. Solution: Apple is no longer supporting […]

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Help Search introduced in Tecplot RS version 2012 R2 does not work in Internet Explorer version 8

Problem: The Help Search feature, introduced in Tecplot RS version 2012 R2, does not work in Internet Explorer version 8 or earlier. Solution: The new Help Search does work in Internet Explorer version 9. All other Help features, in Internet Explorer versions before version 9, work fine. All other Help features also work in most other modern browsers (e.g., Firefox, Opera, Safari). The sole exception is Google Chrome, which has security […]

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Overflow-2 Scalar Values Misplaced

My overflow-2 data doesn’t look correct in FieldView. All the scalar values seem misplaced. What could be wrong? There is a known issue with overflow brkset files in FieldView, where some brkset formats are not correctly recognized. Removing or hiding the brkset files will allow the data to be read and post-processed accurately.  

Translucency when using Ubuntu Unity

Problem: Your Tecplot Linux Ubuntu Unity user interface workspace (e.g., Ubuntu version 12.04) may exhibit translucency, that is, all the open application screens remain visible underneath Tecplot. Solution: To disable this translucency you may instruct Linux xlib to manage the colors natively as RGB. Do this by setting the environment variable in a command line, or in any .bashrc or .profile file: export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1

“Communication error” when opening my Tecplot product

Problem: I installed a Tecplot or FieldView product and the Reprise License Manager on a machine in my network but when I try to run the Tecplot or FieldView product on another machine in my network the error message Communications error with license server (-17) appears. How can I fix this to successfully run the product? Solution: This is a general error message that means Tecplot or FieldView is not […]

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Exported EPS from Tecplot has mysterious white lines in it

Problem: I exported an EPS file from Tecplot 360 and when I viewed that file in Ghostscript, or converted it into PDF and then opened it in Adobe reader, it had mysterious white grid lines in it.  How can I make those white lines go away? Solution: The white grid lines are the result of the default display settings in Ghostscript and Adobe.   For both applications, changing one display setting will make […]

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Is there a way to do a silent install of Tecplot products?

Question: How can I do a silent install of Tecplot 360 & Chorus? Answer: You would need to use a command like this for Windows: “C:<path to software to install.exe>” /S /D=C:<path to install to with no spaces> where the /S indicates a silent install and the /D must be the last parameter in the list. And a command like this for Linux: sh <path to software to> –skip-license […]

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How does Tecplot calculate cell or face-centered quantities?

Question: How does Tecplot calculate cell or face-centered quantities? Answer: Tecplot uses simple arithmetic averaging to calculate cell- (face-) centered quantities. Integrations are done using the trapezoidal method, which is second-order accurate. For each cell, the cell-centered value of the quantity being integrated (integrand) is multiplied by the volume of the cell, and the result is summed over all cells. If the integrand is node-centered, the cell-centered average is calculated […]

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Line breaks in the line legend

Problem: How can I add line breaks into the line legend labels? Solution: If you define the line mapping name as the variable or zone name, add \n to the variable or zone name (defined in Data > Data Set Info) at the desired location of the line break.  If you are using a static Map Name defined directly in the Mapping Style dialog, add \\n  at the desired location of the line […]

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