Extract Boundary Layer Values

This article describes both a macro and a PyTecplot script that extracts a field variable along a line normal to a surface. We recommend using PyTecplot insofar as possible. Example: Load the M6-Wing example file, which can be found in your Tecplot Installation Directory: …/Tecplot/Tecplot 360 EX 20xx R1/examples/OneraM6wing/OneraM6_SU2_RANS.plt. To better visualize the node at which we’ll probe, let’s turn on the mesh for the second zone. Zoom somewhere on […]

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Offsetting an Axis in 3D Cartesian Mode

Problem: I am displaying one axis in my 3D plot, but my data interferes with it (see Figure 1). How do I offset my axis away from my plot? Solution: Change the minimum value of the vertical axis range in that view. In the case of Figure 1, the Z axis range minimum needs to be decreased. For this example, 1) Go to Plot>Axis… and select the Z axis and […]

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Displaying Data Labels at High Magnification

Question: At high magnification, my cell and point labels become grainy and look terrible. How can I display these labels correctly? Solution: Use software rather than hardware rendering to display these node labels on a highly zoomed plot. See Figure 2. 1)  Download software_hardware_rendering_qmp.mcr  from our GitHub or create a macro with this code: #!MC 1200 $!MacroFunction Name = “SwitchToSoftwareRendering” SHOWINMACROPANEL = true $!Page UseSoftwareRendering = true $!EndMacroFunction $!MacroFunction Name […]

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PyTecplot Link Between Frames

In the release of PyTecplot 1.0, Frame Linking has been implemented in the API. Frame Linking allows users to quickly link attributes of frames together like position, 3D view, and solution time. To link the view simply implement the following commands on both frames: for frame in tp.frames(): plot = frame.plot(PlotType.Cartesian3D) plot.activate() frame_linking = plot.linking_between_frames frame_linking.group = 1 frame_linking.link_view = True frame_linking.link_solution_time = True This allows all of the frames […]

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Using Data Skip to Approximate and Render a Large Dataset

Question: I am running out of memory rendering my fine-mesh data. How do I read-in a smaller, decimated version of my ordered dataset into my layout? More details: If you are working on a computer with limited resources, some processes can surpass the available computer memory. If you are unable to add more RAM, this can cause Tecplot to slow or, at worst, crash. Try this solution if some actions […]

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Changing a Contour Legend Variable Name

Question: How do I change the contour legend header text? See Figure 1. Solution: Tecplot 360 2021 R2 and newer: Renaming the legend text header from a contour variable to custom text can be done easily via the Contour & Multi-Coloring Details dialog. 1) In Tecplot 360, go to Plot>Contour/Multi-Coloring… 2) Select the Legend tab and see the Header options at the bottom (see Figure 2). 3) Switch the Header […]

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Error Undefined symbol: FT_Done_MM_Var

Problem: I receive the following error when running Tecplot on Linux platforms: /tec360-bin: symbol lookup error: /lib64/libfontconfig.so.1: undefined symbol: FT_Done_MM_Var Solution: This issue typically happens on newer versions of Linux. To fix this, delete libfreetype.so.6 from the Tecplot ../bin directory.

Fix Contour Labels Location

Problem: When exporting a picture, the location of the contour labels changes: Solution: By default the image is rendered off-screen and implies a re-draw of the plot. There are two possible solutions:   1) Prevent the re-positioning of the labels when a redraw occurs: In the Contour Details dialog, in the Labels tab, toggle Generate automatic labels (with each withdraw) off.   2) Prevent the redrawing by using the on-screen […]

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How to Show Invisible Frame Borders

Problem: I have multiple frames on the paper and I don’t want frame borders in my export. So I’ve turned off the option Show border in the dialog Frame>Edit Active Frame. At the same time I’d like to see an outline for all invisible frame borders to get a better idea how these frames are positioned and overlap on the page in the 360 EX session. This outline should not […]

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How to Reset the Light Source Position

Problem: I have changed the position of the light source interactively using the mouse. There’s no UI option to reset the light source to its original position. How can I do this? Solution: Use a macro command to reset the light source position: #!MC 1410 $!GLOBALTHREED LIGHTSOURCE { XYZDIRECTION { X = -0.2 Y = -0.2 Z = 0.959 } }