Cannot find shared library

Problem: When I try to start Tecplot I get the message: Cannot find shared library. Solution: Solution 1: Set or add to SHLIB_PATH to include /usr/lib/X11R5. (HP-UX 10.x: The system file locations are different.) Solution 2: We use 2 permanent links that seem to take care of all the main problems. Link /lib to /usr/lib and link /bin to /usr/bin.

Better interpolation results

Problem: How can I get better results from interpolation? Solution: Be sure your destination zone has a greater density of points than your original data set and that the destination zone is a good match for the region defined by your points. To create specially shaped 3D zones use one of the add-ons included with Tecplot 9.2 or later. See the documentation for Tetra Grid Extrude and Prism Grid. Axis […]

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Add-on cannot be loaded.

Problem: I wrote an add-on that runs fine on my machine. But when a co-worker tries to load it on his PC he get the message: Add-on xxx.dll cannot be loaded. (126): The specified module could not be found. Solution: 1. Make sure that the add-on is compiled as a release build. 2. Verify that the add-on dll is located in a directory which is in the current path. 3. […]

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Banner flash but Tecplot doesn’t open.

Note: Tecplot 360 EX is native to the Mac and doesn’t rely on an X Windows System. Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: XDarwin also won’t launch. Solution: Installing XDarwin is a two-step process. Be sure to install the patch after installing XDarwin.

Animation is incomplete

Problem: I am creating an animation file with a macro but not all changes that I make to my plot appear in the animation. Solution: There are two possible solutions: For each plot change that should appear in your animation enter a $!RedrawAll command then an $!Export command. If you use any $!Drawgraphics commands be sure $!Drawgraphics = Yes is placed before the $!RedrawAll command.

Add streamtraces by IJK

Problem: Interactively I can specify streamtrace start positions by giving the IJK location within a zone. How do I do this in a macro? Solution: It is possible to define a streamtrace starting position using IJK coordinates in a macro if you use the $!GETFIELDVALUE command to get the XYZ coordinates for a IJK location. Heres some example macro code: ## These variables define the IJK starting position: $!VARSET |Istart| […]

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