Partial Border Display on Exported Images (Tecplot 360 EX)

Problem: On some systems, you may see a partial (right side and bottom) black border around an image exported from Tecplot 360EX, even when borders are turned off for the frame. This is caused by an off-by-one issue with some combinations of platforms and graphics drivers. Solution: If your system is affected by this issue, you can address it by adding the following lines to your tecplot.cfg file. You may […]

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Image resolution on the workspace is distorted (black screen, translucency, etc).

Update: The 2020 R1 release of Tecplot 360 has changed the way Tecplot is rendered in mesa. See the Troubleshooting chapter of the 2020 R1 documentation for more information. Problem: Image resolution on the workspace is distorted.  This can include transparency to the desktop, a black screen or scrambled images. Solution: Please ensure that you have installed and updated your hardware graphics drivers.  This can be done via the terminal […]

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Translucency when using Ubuntu Unity

Problem: Your Tecplot Linux Ubuntu Unity user interface workspace (e.g., Ubuntu version 12.04) may exhibit translucency, that is, all the open application screens remain visible underneath Tecplot. Solution: To disable this translucency you may instruct Linux xlib to manage the colors natively as RGB. Do this by setting the environment variable in a command line, or in any .bashrc or .profile file: export XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1

Exported EPS from Tecplot has mysterious white lines in it

Problem: I exported an EPS file from Tecplot 360 and when I viewed that file in Ghostscript, or converted it into PDF and then opened it in Adobe reader, it had mysterious white grid lines in it.  How can I make those white lines go away? Solution: The white grid lines are the result of the default display settings in Ghostscript and Adobe.   For both applications, changing one display setting will make […]

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Import image tips

Problem: I want my image to be a background for my plot.  I want the image to fill the frame.  How can I match the dimensions of my image to my plot? Solution: Load your data then go to Insert/Image and insert the image. To tell Tecplot to draw the image behind the data double click on the image and set the Draw Order to Before Data. To make the […]

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