Blanking a corner of plot

Problem: I want to blank my contour plot only in the lower left-hand corner where x < 45 AND y < 30. Solution: You can use equations like the ones below to create a blanking variable equal to 0 only if x < 45 and y < 30. Then you can delete the extra variables {lowerx} and {lowery}. {lowerx} = max (x -45, 0) {lowery} = max (y – 30, […]

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Animating points

Problem: I have some files with some scatter points animated to move in constant velocity. However, the movie shows relative motion of the scatter points making the animation appear jerky. Solution: The reason the scatter points look like they are moving relative to one another has to do with the way they are drawn on the screen. Any object drawn to the screen will be rounded off to the nearest […]

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3D Probe Calculation

Problem: What process does Tecplot use for probing in 3D? Also for streamtrace placement contour labeling linear interpolation and polyline extraction in 3D. Solution: Tecplot determines the tetrahedron that the point is inside and then does a weighted average of the data set values at the four corners of the tetrahedron to get the values at the point. This method is not the most accurate – especially if your grid […]

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Cannot find shared library

Problem: When I try to start Tecplot I get the message: Cannot find shared library. Solution: Solution 1: Set or add to SHLIB_PATH to include /usr/lib/X11R5. (HP-UX 10.x: The system file locations are different.) Solution 2: We use 2 permanent links that seem to take care of all the main problems. Link /lib to /usr/lib and link /bin to /usr/bin.

Better interpolation results

Problem: How can I get better results from interpolation? Solution: Be sure your destination zone has a greater density of points than your original data set and that the destination zone is a good match for the region defined by your points. To create specially shaped 3D zones use one of the add-ons included with Tecplot 9.2 or later. See the documentation for Tetra Grid Extrude and Prism Grid. Axis […]

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Add-on cannot be loaded.

Problem: I wrote an add-on that runs fine on my machine. But when a co-worker tries to load it on his PC he get the message: Add-on xxx.dll cannot be loaded. (126): The specified module could not be found. Solution: 1. Make sure that the add-on is compiled as a release build. 2. Verify that the add-on dll is located in a directory which is in the current path. 3. […]

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Banner flash but Tecplot doesn’t open.

Note: Tecplot 360 EX is native to the Mac and doesn’t rely on an X Windows System. Download the latest release or get a free trial. Problem: XDarwin also won’t launch. Solution: Installing XDarwin is a two-step process. Be sure to install the patch after installing XDarwin.

Animation is incomplete

Problem: I am creating an animation file with a macro but not all changes that I make to my plot appear in the animation. Solution: There are two possible solutions: For each plot change that should appear in your animation enter a $!RedrawAll command then an $!Export command. If you use any $!Drawgraphics commands be sure $!Drawgraphics = Yes is placed before the $!RedrawAll command.

Add streamtraces by IJK

Problem: Interactively I can specify streamtrace start positions by giving the IJK location within a zone. How do I do this in a macro? Solution: It is possible to define a streamtrace starting position using IJK coordinates in a macro if you use the $!GETFIELDVALUE command to get the XYZ coordinates for a IJK location. Heres some example macro code: ## These variables define the IJK starting position: $!VARSET |Istart| […]

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2D Probe calculation

Problem: What process does Tecplot use for probing? Also for streamtrace placement contour labeling linear interpolation and polyline extraction in 2D. Solution: In two dimensions Tecplot interpolates for dataset values at the chosen point using bilinear interpolation. For triangular cells, this is a straightforward interpolation of the three nodal values of the triangle that encloses the point:1. Determine the triangle that encloses the chosen point. 2. Determine the weighting to […]

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